(Amount of Coverage)

This figure represents the Death Benefit that would be payable should the life insured (the person whose life is insured by the policy) die during while the insurance policy contract is in force (valid and in effect).

The "Face Amount" may either remain constant (as in most guaranteed term, T100, level Whole Life and Level Death Benefit Universal Life contracts) or may vary down or up.

While in most cases the "Face Amount" would remain constant, it would decrease over time with such policies as "Reducing Term" or "Mortgage Insurance"… or may reduce in non-guaranteed products or may be reduced in "participating" or "variable" or "adjustable" contracts. In other cases, the Death Benefit may increase, such as through use of certain "dividend options" in "participating" Whole Life policies or when a Universal Life contract is structured for increasing death benefit over time.

To view the coverage amount ("death benefit") over time, run a survey then click on any premium amount shown to display future years' renewal "death benefit" amounts and premium costs.